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Games have always made my heart beat faster… from Ludo that I played when I was a kid to the complex board games that Mattel marketed, from taking the bat out to hit a few runs to using the mouse to make my next move on my first PC… yes, every time I played or even watched others play, my heart-beat went way beyond its regular lub-dub lub-dub rhythm!

Well, playing or watching games made a range of hormones go crazy and they all came out to dilate my pupils, increase the pulse, and make the sweat beads pop out! So yes, there is a strange concoction of intrigue, romance, strategic involvement, and that unholy wish to always win that kept me on my toes. Every victory made me yearn for more… and every defeat made my eyes tearful. So with every game I got my share of giggles and glares.

Now, a 57 year old in a world that is getting younger, I look around and see all sorts of games flow into the small or large screen of a smartphone. The temptation is unavoidable… and so I have hopped from shooting bullets to racing cars and then from solving puzzles to surfing on the subway until I discovered Lucky 6TM by Fat CatTM and decided to give it a try.

For the past few days I have been doing an intensive study of the way the fortunes of a lot of companies and brands have gone up and down… and I did not have to read the financial papers for this. I simply went deep into this game and a simple click took me to the performance statistics of these brands. This can be rather addictive and you love going back many times to see how the brand trends have fared… based on these trends a player then makes his own choice of the lucky 6 brands. Obviously, the scoreboard displays the position of the analytical thinkers who are topping the charts and you yearn to be there. So you go back to studying the trends and making intelligent and strategic choices because you get a set of three tickets per game.

I have tried to put the basics of this game in a few rhyming couplets… and when read along with the text that I’ve written, the concept will surely be much clearer:

The process of the game is easy to understand
And no one will possibly lose any vital strand 

You simply sign-up and login, get nearer to win
And pick the six brands that make you grin 

The futures of brands go up and down each day
So your choice determines how much they will pay 

You can even share to bring in your friends
This will take you up the profit trends 

There are then the quizes and the quiz prizes too
And seeing them you will try not to say: Shoo! 

So the game Lucky 6 is all about what you know
And how well you let your in-depth study show!

In India we’re all game enthusiasts. And to say that gaming is limited to speeding in fast cars or shooting rockets or disappearing targets is a bit of a misnomer. I have observed a lot of people opt for the more brain-tickling games and spend hours deciding where to place armies or how to create villages in the virtual world. Lucky 6 is a game where the makers have done quite a bit of research for you and give you only the stats that matter… so I wouldn’t be surprised to find people discussing the brands that feature in this game. I mean, I expect a call from my editor to ask me, ‘Well, do you think I must include Adidas in my Lucky 6 choices for this ticket?’

‘Well, you may, as the trend has been favourable,’ I might say… though I will do that only after tapping, logging, and reading the trend-sheet!

Let me share another interesting discussion that I had with Specky this morning. She walked in with her file of paper stocks and shares and said, ‘These also need to be processed now. Our demat account needs them.’

I smiled and said, ‘I know. I am learning the art of productive speculation from this game here.’ To my surprise, she said that even she had downloaded the game and was finding it interesting. So I asked, ‘Do you think this game will convert our country into a nation of online gamblers?’

‘That sounds unfair,’ she replied, ‘gambling combines an irresponsible behaviour and an involvement with a system that is geared to suck money from the players without giving them anything in return. This game has the potential to teach a lot of people what irresponsible speculation can result in. In fact, it just might teach people to be more responsible when they dabble in the treacherous world of stocks and shares!’ I agreed with her.

So yes, I am loving the way the game is impressing me… there are a lot of facets that still need to develop and I’m sure a complete launch will make the game better and help us be responsible when we play games where money is involved.




Getting lucky has never been this easy! The game is presently available for Android and Apple phones. Get details here.
This post is based on the #Lucky6 prompt on indiblogger.


The login screen for Lucky 6

The login screen for Lucky 6

The main navigation page in the gameThe main navigation page in the game

The main navigation page in the game

The scoreboard where your ticket's position gets clear

The scoreboard where your ticket’s position gets clear

Screen-shot of the Quiz page...

Screen-shot of the Quiz page…



Arvind Passey
24 November 2104