Note on this poem on law. All stanzas were tweeted separately. 

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Issued by PTI, May 16, 2016 that Mr. Justice V.K. Shali, Hon’ble Judge, Delhi High Court, in a case, which came on an appeal by a man who has passed away, has observed the unfortunate incidence of a 30 year old case which is still pending and has passed through hands of as many as 75 judges. 

In the year 1981, the case was filed by one of the 3 brothers over property disputes. Ever since the death of a person who has filed the case, it was pursued by his widow (Mrs. Urmil Salwan) and the third stakeholder, who was the widow of the 3rd deceased brother (Mrs. Rita Salwan). Eventually, due to circumstances Mrs. Rita had to sell her share to Mr. Shiv Dutt Salwan (1st stakeholder), Chairman of Salwan education Trust at a throwaway price. 

However even after waiting for all these difficult 30 years, is justice served? i am afraid not. Mrs. Urmil Salwan, 80 year old widow who has no source of income, still have a trust on our judiciary and is hoping to get justice.


Urmil Salwan is eighty and waits for the law
To do something productive and not just gnaw!

Stories like this need to reach everyone
Only then a battle fought will be a battle won!

Justice waits for an 80 year old widow
Justice is denied if justice is slow!

Let us march as one on the internet, dear
And ask for speedier law without fear!

One tweet. One social media update.
Justice will then no longer need to wait!

Rules and laws are to make life better
And not simply slippery and wetter!

LAW rhymes with FLAW and there’s a reason to it
Laws improve if improvement is added bit by bit!

The law may be slow but opinions lend speed
Every tweet and every update will help indeed!

Even a few tweets have the power to sway
And bring minds to travel on the right way!

Procrastination isn’t the way out
Raise your voice, not just pout!

One voice is what gets things done
All battles by opinions are won!

Justice s–t–r–e–t–c–h–e–d over a long time
With real justice cannot rhyme!

Faith in judiciary needs to grow
Justice is what they need to show!

Human interest in law leads to a nation
That is governed well without ration!

Law on a leash is not really free
Justice needs to be fair, you see!

We live in times when fair dealings are ours
We need to work towards harmony, not legal wars!




The strange case of Urmil Salwan - a poem that was tweeted

The strange case of Urmil Salwan – a poem that was tweeted




Arvind Passey
Poem sent out as tweets on 14 June 2016