We had our ground floor bathrooms redone in my father’s house in Jhansi a month back… and I remember the animated discussions on everything from wall tiles to the technology of cisterns dominating the time when Ravish Kumar from NDTV fought for our attention. He generally lost because the right decision for everything from the taps installed to re-dedicating the limited space to create a different brand of sensual pleasure had a right to win. After all, it isn’t every day that we go out to buy new sets of water closets, washbasins, faucets, showers, cisterns, and other accessories.

‘Go for things where new technology is embedded,’ insisted Specky, my wife.

My brother at Jhansi replied, ‘Ok. But we need to go for those things that are locally available.’

‘Why not order online?’ I asked.

And you get the gist of the way the discussion must have twisted and turned until we discovered that communicating choices was rather difficult on the telephone. Words do have their limitation because of the limited way we can arrange and re-arrange them to form true images.

‘I wish we could discuss all this through some hi-tech app,’ I said, ‘you know, where line drawings help the right side of the brain and some form of augmented reality helped us in bringing together the virtual and the real space to give us a fair idea of how things would look after installation.’

We did finally make our decisions, though with the limited advantages of telephonic conversations and a few video chats where the poor bandwidth nearly always played a spoil-sport.

Only a week after this happened, I stumbled upon the Hindware app… and I installed it in both my Android smartphone as well as my iPhone. I am one of those tech dissectors who want to be sure of everything in every possible way. Believe me, I loved tinkering with this app… the truth is that I didn’t know even the names of bathroom fittings and accessories and then to be face-to-face with all the designs and variations was simply fascinating. The app developers, I feel, have actually managed to get inside a wide cross-section of the population and given options for almost every psyche.

There are, of course, the usual add-ons and essentials like a GPS enabled dealer locator, an extensive product gallery, and a query generator with a response assured. But what made my imagination squeal with excitement was the part where I was able to visualise a product in a real-time space before I made my buying decision. The other facet that I loved was their inventory of 24+ bathroom themes which had the potential to guide a relaxed imagination and catalyse it into creative action! All this is besides text add-ons talking about maintenance tips and a step by step guide to fixing or installing a fixture or accessory. Rather helpful, I’d say. Every product description also includes a pdf with relevant line drawings that the architect and the engineer will appreciate. There are video demos for almost everything… and I was literally browsing through the app as if reading the latest novel on offer!

Hindware app... has artificial intelligence components to help you visualise a fitting

Hindware app… has artificial intelligence components to help you visualise a fitting

The first thing I did after getting accustomed with the navigation was to save a few screenshots and whatsapped them to my father in Jhansi. Expectedly, that evening we did have a long talk on the great work that this app was capable of doing. ‘No wrong decisions,’ said my father, ‘and I won’t have to depend on the advice of the dealer. I wish the app could also let me order online and give me the benefits of discounts.’

‘I agree,’ I said. Discounts and bargains are what most Indian buyers look for and love. And apps need to take some advantage of this tendency.

The ‘Hindware DreamBath’ is the world’s first bathroom visualization application and provides comprehensive bathroom solutions. This app transforms the universe of bathrooms and bathing spaces into customised and coordinated themes designed by experts. This visualisation facility is what actually articulates imagination.

Anyone wanting to know more can reach out for the Hindware Facebook page or their Twitter account… or just downloading the app.




Hindware app... help for layman as well as the expert

Hindware app… help for layman as well as the expert


Hindware app... informative PDFs to make you think about bathrooms intelligently

Hindware app… informative PDFs to make you think about bathrooms intelligently






Arvind Passey
03 November 2016