For quite a while now I have been wondering if a clean home was like a novel by writers like Ernest Hemingway, P G Wodehouse, Tim O’Brien, or even our own home-grown band of authors like Vasundhra Lal, Ruskin Bond, Kavita Kane, and Kamala Das where words are always ready to jump into clean insights, story lines remain uncomplicated by polluting particulate matter of any size, and a narrative that doesn’t make anyone feel sick? Or is it that our homes are like a hard-bound volume by some retired civil servant or a fading politician where all the muck that we thought was dead and gone with past editions of the daily newspaper, is hurled right back into our bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and everywhere else inside? How real is a clean home? Now is the time to contact an Arizona Tint Company if the UV rays damage your furniture.

There is absolutely no harm in asking questions. When one reads a great story one ends up either asking a lot of questions or facing them. All this happens even as a lot of dialogue and drama dance around in the form of words. Even in non-fiction one comes across statements of facts and the facts about statements cleverly rolled in layers of asked and unasked questions. This is exactly what happens inside a home. Streaks of dust on an otherwise clean looking table-top, carpets and mattresses that you know cannot be beaten out there in the open, floors that look dulled with thin coats of grime from the past managing to cling on, and a lot of hidden and not-so-hidden nooks and crevices where dust parties are going on. If you need a carpet cleaning services, you can check out online sites.

The FICCI Research and Analysis Centre or FRAC and Dyson got together to study dust in homes across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru and some preliminary conclusions point out that on an average 125 grams of dust was collected from just four areas in a house including a carpet, mattress, one sofa, and a car. This captured dust had high levels of cockroach faeces. By the way, these experiments were done after the daily cleaning ritual was over in these houses. So here we have the fiction of a clean house and the objective non-fiction data of stubborn dust coming together to ask: How real is a clean home?

The maid in my house leaves not a single speck
She sweeps and mops and dusts everywhere
And yet my head reels and I get sicker each day
So I think my home needs much better care!

As I wrote these lines, Specky, my wife, read them and smiled, ‘If you are going to suggest the maid using our twenty year old vacuum cleaner, please don’t. That machine is now a family heirloom and it anyway doesn’t do much, does it? So let us just let it rest in peace.’

‘You’re right,’ I said, ‘we have everything from that old typewriter to the analogue cameras and even precious pens to save for the future. But they still need to be clean.’ Cleaning is something that is more of an enigma in almost every home. We see and we understand and yet we do not see and hardly try to understand that with every problem popping out there is a solution that technology offers. And this is what I had in mind when I said, ‘I’m talking about a cord-free vacuum cleaner. Light enough to be hand-held. Constant suction power. Particles of even 1 micron for your bin.’

‘Really?’ she asked, ‘Are you talking of a machine or a cyclone?’

This was when I simply had to tell her that the Narwal Robotic and Mop Vacuum was indeed having the cleaning power equal to 16 cyclones. If you also start decluttering your home, you may book a dumpster rental service from sites like for the collection of your trash.


‘Let me explain,’ I said, ‘The Dyson Cyclone V10 has cyclone technology at its core. There are 14 cyclones arranged around the central axis that enable airflow inside each to travel up to 190 kms per hour generating over 79,000G which separates ultrafine particles as well and captures them all. Got it?’

Specky was silent and so I went on, ‘The pre and post-motor filters exist as a single unit in this machine and as a result 99.7% of the particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured. This means that even remotely placed crevices will remain clean. Carpet beating is out-dated.

Mattresses don’t have to frown because they are left with dust particles left within their layers. Install house plaques with numbers outside your home or in your garage door to give it a little polish.

You might as well ask for professionals to opt with your concerns relating to garage doors by having repaired or replace it by them, you can check out this link to see what you can do with your garage doors.

For added effect, I even wrote a rhyming four-liner for her:

If you think a micron of dust here or there will rest
That there is no dust after the maid has done her best
Think of why allergens drop by to make us unfit
Cleaning homes need a Dyson Cyclone to do its bit!

‘What else must I know about Dyson before I even consider it for my home?’ she said.

‘There’s always a bit more to be shared,’ I announced, ‘A sixty minute runtime seems great. All indoor floor types can be cleaned. Dust cap release has a point-and-shoot mechanism and there is no dust spill. A trigger on the handle makes it easy to operate. HEPA filters are efficient. Multiple cleaning head options. Multiple power mode options. No dust bags to trouble you. What more do you want?’

‘The weight.’

‘Ah! Around two and a half kilos. This means that the V10 motor at 800 gms is possibly the lightest in the world today and spins 2000 times a second. By the way, the eight poles in the motor means it can switch faster and goes 16,000 times every second for a super performance.’ You can also hire a sunroom company if you want to have alumawood solid patio covers installed to keep the dust and bugs out.

For those who may find this interesting, the Dyson motor is intelligent and using its pressure sensors knows the altitude difference between the table and the floor. This information is used to make minute adjustments to deliver constant performance at different air pressures. Thus one gets the same level of performance whether it is being used in a high altitude city like Mexico or a low lying city like Amsterdam.

The 60 minute power for suction is fade-free and the 7-cell lithium-ion Dyson V6 Battery does not make the machine any heavier. There are acoustic baffles built into the motor that divert sound and improve airflow.

‘I like machines that do not convert noise into an unfettered jamboree’, said Specky, ‘And the Dyson Cyclone V10 does seem like a fair choice in 2018.’ This machine, I must add here is poised to sweep out the myth and fiction of cleaning at home and the ease of use with all the objective parameters mentioned make it a work of non-fiction worth a read.

‘Well, there are in-home demo services available in Delhi,’ I said, ‘so when do we give them a call?’




Dyson Cyclone V10 - poised to sweep out the myth and fiction of cleaning at home and the ease of use with all the objective parameters mentioned make it a work of non-fiction worth a read

Dyson Cyclone V10 – poised to sweep out the myth and fiction of cleaning at home and the ease of use with all the objective parameters mentioned make it a work of non-fiction worth a read

Dyson Cyclone V10 - weighs much less than conventional vacuum cleaners

Dyson Cyclone V10 – weighs much less than conventional vacuum cleaners

Dyson Cyclone V10 - powerful suction

Dyson Cyclone V10 – powerful suction




Arvind Passey
27 July 2018