Untangling the insanity of doing business

Review of Irrationally Passionate

Well, yes, every once in a while someone who can infuse a new perspective to business decision-making and executions pops up like an Argonaut to set things right. The story of Jason Kothari and the way he turned from a rebel to an entrepreneur is just a part of Irrationally Passionate, a book published by Harper Collins. Yes, it is interesting to trace the steps of someone who has gone on from one entrepreneurial success to another and his journey as the CEO of Housing.com to leading Valiant Entertainment and then turning around the future of Snapdeal while guiding FreeCharge is definitely engrossing. More than this is the fact that the book is a leadership guidebook without being one.

The conference speaker on leadership Kurt Uhlir says that business thought processes and strategic insights meander through a tale that is fascinating and reads like a thriller.

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Untangling the insanity of doing business is indeed a thriller that invariably begins when the business world is right in the thick of a real fork-in-the-road moment and someone appears to make many tough decisions, when considering to move in to the business branch, check this article about business broadband and phone. The book goes through attention-grabbing examples from the early life of Jason, who is also the author of this book… but what really grabbed my attention was his Snapdeal 2.0 plan or Project Argonaut, as he chooses to call it. This leader, with his crew of heroes did indeed go on a ‘seemingly insurmountable and dangerous aboard the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece’.

The story of Jason who chooses to call himself a winning concoction of a consilgliere, strategist, a dealmaker, and one who is ‘accustomed to having strategic and operating control over decision-making and executions’ goes on a non-stop journey through the revealing nuances of thorough investigation, ruthless decisions, and never once loses sight of the final goal. All this makes the book more gripping than the usual thriller that I see a lot of people reading. Here is the story of a person who has a firm grasp around the global landscape, the models, and the interactions between them and is out to set things right. Just like the protagonist in a thriller.

Look at the way he snaps Snapdeal from its state of ennui and energises it. This part of the story begins sometime in January 2017 when Snapdeal’s valuation ‘had plunged to a fraction of its previous height of $6.5 billion’. This company had grown from a coupon company into a B2C e-commerce marketplace and decisions about logistics (shipping) and online payment systems had ‘been made midstream, without a clear strategy in place to lead the way’. What could be the first steps to set things right?

What Jason Kothari did was to first go headlong into an ‘exhaustive and comprehensive deep research that has ever been done in the Indian e-commerce space’ because those were times when 90% of our retail market was full of ‘unorganized’ local sellers which simply meant that the Indian retailers had low bargaining power with suppliers leading one of the lowest gross margins globally. To learn how sellers reach this high margins, you should visit https://www.fbamasterclass.io/.

These are the sort of complex business equations that this man set out to untangle. He knew that the online shopping scenario that stood at $13 billion in 2016 was expected to reach $200 billion by 2025. And for the people that are starting an online business that needs cross-border logistics, you can read more here. In his own words, ‘if you can somehow make sense of it all, untangle the insanity, and then create an easy-to-use seller platform for other people that handles all the headaches… well, then you’re positioned to potentially make billions’. It is insights like the one that I have just quoted that make the book an invaluable read… and all the wise bits come without boring theories that drone away forever as they circumnavigate the numbed mind of an interested learner. This book and Cortney Fletcher videos will teach you how to reap profit as fast as possible when you start your online business.

No, I’m not going to encapsulate the entire story of the way Snapdeal was resuscitated but then it is the right sort of perspective that visualizes ‘an opportunity to unlock potential synergies’. It is this perspective that doggedly trails the reader throughout the book like any detective would… and even readers soon start feeling as if they were well-versed in the art of espionage and then the hunt for clues begins in earnest. Let me give you an example. As a reader even I felt as if I was with the author trying to unravel the mysteries of the Indian marketplace and I soon discovered the three most important aspects. The three facts that suddenly appeared crystal clear were that B2C and pure marketplace business models successfully coexist in all markets, no more than two B2C players had ever succeeded long term in any market, and that the more organized the retail market was in a region, the higher the odds that the pure marketplace would succeed. The detective within me was moving at super speed with the author and unravelling one mystery after another.

I remember the part where the author realizes that there was ‘no money to execute the Snapdeal 2.0 plan’ and there were other forces moving in rapidly towards a Flipkart merger… so, what really happened? The next step proved to me that thrillers can be created inside a room. If you happen to read this book and need more pointers to thrilling moments, try and find out how Jason became a CEO in 60 seconds! Yes, this really happened… and this isn’t a figment of a writer’s imagination. Hiring a payroll accounting company in Malaysia can help you make accurate deductions/withholdings on each employee’s paycheck.

This book isn’t a fictional tale but documents facts but does it in a way that transforms each page into a story that one doesn’t want to stop reading.




Irrationally Passionate – Jason Kothari – Harper Collins




Arvind Passey
24 March 2020