Words can turn your world upside-down
Words scramble, lunge, scoot,
Fly around aimlessly, collide,
And without us even knowing
Slave thoughts for their ride.

From whatever the nation wants
To wherever a quote or a misquote
Decides in all its wisdom, it is
Words calling us from their boat.

And all the time we assume
We know where we want to go.
Words are the new ignorant gods
That know not if they’ll fly or dive low.

Words hurtle both left and right
Inside, outside, on, with, and within
And they are the only rulers
Turning bad into good, virtue into sin.

If you think you know this
Try not to read, watch, and hear
And experience their assets assert
To fill you with dread and fear.


Words can turn your world upside-down – poem


Arvind Passey
29 January 2020
Blog: http://www.passey.info