Just a few stanzas on myself…
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On Myself

My sketch in words, my life in verse
Some past from thoughts — some good, some worse.

Like everyone, some falls to dwell
Like civilization — all pell-mell.

Though every fall was life to me
With every fall I got to see

A view no less but just different
New views, more views — made me different.

A new experience at each site
New ways to solve. More wins. More might!

They made me mightier …not than you…
Just inside me, so I could view

And feel and reach my either ends
And push them much beyond their ends.

My life, I said, was all pell-mell
With this and that; a trough, a swell.

No storms, no strife — then life would rot.
For stagnant times, hard winds I bought.

These lines though may be romantic —
No fact to probe, to pulp, to prick…

These lines are me and do reflect
The way I see, all I select.