The Real Fiction

All that we experience, our perceptions – sights & insights – seem like a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. There are no lines dividing anything anywhere & existence rides upon interpretations. This blog will surf, fly, jog, dive, swim, jump & at times even hobble through planes of experiences that will include poetry, protests, design, tales, photo-tales and whatever else is discovered & needs to be shared.
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Codename - Green

Codename – Green

She is looking at you. Carefully. An incisive glance, Thoughtful Weighing all pros and cons Linking the present With the past as well as the future Wondering how much of this glance Needs to exude friendliness. Be careful. She is looking at you.
The real world

The real world

The real world, people insist, is not inside a smartphone… and I have always wondered if it is the tech-challenged who are trying to push us back into the wilderness of the past. I mean, look how wonderful and full of aesthetic harmony our world seems as it exists on a picture in Instagram… or...
Why do rivers run? -- The poem

Why do rivers run? — The poem

A story… mythology… in poetry… I know why the roots go down I know why the rivers run I know why even rocks frown I know what they search as one. They were once like you and me And even had a King Trees and plants walked free Even rocks stopped to sing! And this...
Why do rivers run?

Why do rivers run?

We were in a train going from Delhi to Jhansi and as we crossed the river Chambal, my four year old son sat transfixed looking out. He had been looking out throughout the journey, but after we crossed this river he turned to his mother and asked, ‘Where is the river going?’ ‘A river runs,’...