Have you ever seen the clouds? What will happen if they always have the same shape and are always in the same place? Richard Bach rightly said that ‘if perfection is stagnation, then heaven is a swamp!’ Change and momentum give life to living. There are three keys to creating unstoppable momentum in your life.

Clarity means discovering what you are designed to do. You need to identify your greatest motivations and talents. It is this realization to discover your talents that converts moments into the poetry of success. One of the greatest benefits of Clarity is having realistic expectations. For instance, a hatch-back and an SUV are both cars, but designed to do very different things. You wouldn’t expect a hatch-back to be competitive in the Indianapolis 500. They are designed for different purposes.
So too it is with people. Clarity allows you to have realistic expectations
of what you can and can not do.

Doing anything well talks of congruency. The main idea of Congruency is to align what you do with your psychological assessments. When it comes to congruency, most of us are rather badly out of alignment. You may need to make some adjustments. Most will be incremental, but some may be radical, such as changing professions. The goal is to spend more time using your strengths. That’s how performance and satisfaction both peak.

Consistency means staying with it. Ever been caught in traffic in a
large city? The pattern of starting and stopping repeats as you make your way to your destination. It’s impossible to gain any momentum. Careers must aim for momentum which is quite unlike these traffic jerks. Career momentum is achieved by practicing clarity and congruency over a long period of time. You’ll get there only if you keep refrain from switching careers often. Consistency also means encouraging your urge to do things differently. Remember the clouds and remember how they change their shapes to remain forever attractive over the ages. Be consistent in discovering newer patterns of existence in your own chosen path.

The secret to gaining momentum in your life is to do what you are designed
to do well and by extricating the undiscovered nuances.

[Arvind Passey]
Written for PT Education