YES! is Young ExpressionS! It is a showcase of student talent that PT is so proud of. PT students are encouraged to participate in contests and competitions at the centre as well as online.

Entering the campus of PT,
Surrounds you is environment of amity,
Feeling arises within you is of positivity,
Blowing gently is the zephyr of loyalty,
Never you see a corner in antiquity,
Instil confidence giving wings of hope and vitality,
Propels thought that dreams too turn into reality,
Perfect place “young expressions” are given liberty,
Such are secrets of PT’s longevity.

Obviously, at PT we always say yes to every facet that can ever be dreamt of to encourage the growth of participating and winning. The lines below do capture that essence:

Say YES! to…
Competitive spirit!

Say YES! to…
Creative impulse!

Say YES! to…
The joy of participation!

Say YES! to…
Innovative ideas!

Say YES! to…
The hula-dance of words!

Say YES! to…
The salsa of words!

Say YES! to…
Falling in love with PT!!

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[Arvind Passey]