Design your own life plan if you do not want to fall into someone else’s plan.

It is vital to embrace and implement simple strategies for achievement and fulfillment. One such strategy is to look for an able mentor!

Every student must aim to follow his own bliss, design his own destiny and consciously direct the steering wheel of his life.

There are always simple solutions to combat every complex situation that life presents… the same is true for every entrance test!

Implement a system for setting and achieving GOALS. That is the only way to be proactive. Or the winds that blow in life will sweep you off course and into a life of reaction.

Carry your dreams to classrooms where you are able to live them and then convert them into bits of reality!

Integrate every bit of reality into one connected whole that will help you be an enviable achiever!

Every aspiring student must have a burning desire for something, originating beyond mere hopes and ideas.

Success is simply connecting to the magnetic pull towards an aspiration that is meaningful and significant to you.

The stronger your WHY, the more successful you will be.

Visualize the moment when you achieve your goals! That is the pinnacle of inspiration.

Do the small Tasks and the big Goal WILL be realized.

Don’t just talk, talk smart!

Take care of the tactical movements and the strategic direction will emerge by itself!

It takes Time, a Timetable and effort to bring your dreams to life.

You, your dreams, and studentship at PT are what will make you think and achieve beyond borders.

Success does not happen overnight! Every Goal has it’s own gestation period. Even CAT needs many months of preparation!

Every goal needs more outside support and contributors. It is always a healthy combination of self-study and able mentoring that spells well!

If you are not happy with your progress and results, take 100% responsibility for changing it. Only then will 100% results be possible!

Transcend limitation. Courageously go beyond your comfort zone and propel yourself to new heights.

Experiences and challenges teach you more than any lesson in any textbook!

You are a vessel of infinite untapped potential ready to take-off into the future that only you can dream of!

MBA your dreams with the cat@CAT… PT Education!

IIMPACT is when you make your life take an upward turn!

Just IIMAGINE your smile as you MBA your dreams!

You can IIMPRESS by your ability and by reaching the right institute!

Win ‘CAT-schols’ to win cat-calls! That is one place to invest your energies into.

Every relationship starts with words. One such word is: YES!

Truth needs words just as much as it needs silence! Hear your own aspiration daily to reinforce its impact!!

Most look up and admire the stars… a champion climbs a mountain and grabs one!

Climbing a mountain isn’t really hard-work, as what you get when you reach there is more than a mere reward!

Success is not something you find, but rather something you create from whatever resources are available!

Go ahead and mate your preparation with opportunity… the resultant will surely be a joy!

Faith and hard-work in isolation are powerful. The super achiever combines them with the lessons taken from able guidance!

Reaching the pinnacle of uninhibited success needs the highest calibre of mentorship!

The right guide liberates the power within you to get success not just within your reach but also how to hold on to it and use it well!

The able mentor nurtures young minds as saplings and helps them grow with ecstatic brilliance in the garden of life!

It is systems that perspire with aspirations till the very end… to help them realize their own vision.

Give your dreams a technology-driven edge!

Change your world – with conviction! Kar ke Dikhao!!

Get real… possible only through a conversion of your dreams.

Dream. Decide. Develop.
The 3D way on the ladder up!

Know what to study and when –
Success will kiss you then!

Get closer to a fulfillment of your dreams.

Let your words reflect your personality!

THE END – of your struggle for success… only PT reveals the secret!

The new spirit of information, practice, and success. Discover it at PT!

Make the spirit of success dance to your tune!

We give the raw material to you and make you spin your success fabric.

At PT… you’re beyond failure!

Only BIG dreams need BIG answers!


Gyan Dhara helps you view and hear the master trainers solve the thousands of unsolved questions given in the entire courseware including all classroom tests and all PracCATs.

SRC for additional support matter, analysis of test scores, B-school notifications etc.

Flash cards for vocab building.

LTS – Life Transforming Sessions… for nuances of general knowledge to give you a winning edge.

PACT. Training the trainers to deliver the best. These trainers regularly upgrade their skills and understand student needs afresh and focus on the changes.

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Toppers… students’ success is the only reason for our existence.

[Arvind Passey]