Baat-cheet karna is our karma, ji
Words fortunately come for free!

In speech, on paper our ‘dil se’ thoughts
Are ever ready to come tumbling in lots.

Keep them within and you are at risk
So send them across, burn a disc.

Share them humse-tumse and you will gain
And will relieve the tu-tu-main-main pain!

So wishing you do understand
And wave your magic wand

And speak-out, freak-out, write all you want…
Chinta nahin, we’ll grant it a font!

Hum-tum expand karenge in our work
Togetherness makes us less of a jerk!

Even the jerks of life will be at bay
Quirks will be quarks, shall we pray?

Words given and words taken
Are what conceive new ideas, lekin

Yaad rahe, careful, bhaiya be wary
Wrong words can make life weary

But wear right words, then chalte-chal
Zindagi will be happy every pal.

So converse well, convert well
We’ll ride together on the success swell!

[Arvind Passey]