Passion and dreams are the stuff that life is made up of. They form the building-blocks of attitude or the way you look at the world. They also edit how you view your environment and your future. Your passion and dreams to make it big in the financial world are the focus we at BIFM (BLB Institute of Financial Markets) help you develop.

Understandably, students must get to comprehend dry theory through interest-generating exhaustive hands-on practice. This is what makes them ‘complete’ and desirable to the top recruiters from the financial world! At BIFM, a leader in financial education, we take pride in the knowledge delivery mechanism for effectively communicating the complexities of the stock markets and the financial world.

Thus, if you are searching for the secret that will make you reach the top financial companies, it is paramount to know what the profile of such an outstanding candidate is. The answer can be encapsulated in two simple words: RIGHT EDUCATION. This is precisely what you get at BIFM. We give aspirants a choice of fast-track courses that include stock market trading and operations, stock analysis and portfolio management, arbitrage trading, technical analysis. For those wanting to go deeper, we have a PG diploma in financial planning and wealth management.

BIFM is also an authorised education provider of the Financial Planning Standards Board, India (FPSB) affiliated to the FPSB, Denver, USA for the globally-accepted CFP educational certification programme.

The Certified Financial PlannerCM (CFP) is the most sought after professional designation across the globe. There are more than 1 lakh CFP designates spread over 20 countries worldwide and the number is growing rapidly.

The course curriculum includes an introduction to Financial Planning, Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, Investment Planning, Tax & Estate Planning, and Advance Financial Planning. For more details, you can SMS <BIFM CFP> to 54646 or send an email query to

Remember that hot jobs and hot careers need you to move fast… Don’t remain smug with just a university degree. Take wing and zoom into an enviable future in the stock market!


[Arvind Passey]
Corporate Communications – BIFM


Featured image credit: CitrusSheila