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BIFM, CBSE, and NSE launch teachers training for FMM

Promotion of entrepreneurial skills in schools

Professional competency-based financial education for class XII students

May 05, 2008

The CBSE in association with BIFM has introduced a new Financial Markets Management (FMM) programme for school students. BIFM has conceptualized, planned and developed the syllabus and practical training for CBSE teachers for FMM. The NSE and CBSE joint certification would provide necessary credibility to school students for employment at par with other professionals passing the NSE online examination. This professional competency-based education will make a paradigm shift to the awareness of the financial market. Interestingly, this course has a 40% practical component that includes stock market trading provided by BIFM. The aim is to meet the expectations of the industry and provide entrepreneurial skills at an early age ensuring the nurturing of a new generation of enthusiastic experts for the financial market. The use of mock trading software simulating live trading, and visits to broking firms and stock exchanges give a touch of reality to theoretical concepts.

BIFM, the leader and pioneer in financial education today, launched its teacher’s training for CBSE schools of Delhi. The launch took place at <venue> on <date> at <time>. The Chief Guest at the inaugural function was <name> <designation> <department> along with a lot of eminent personalities from the world of education and the management of education.

Addressing this august gathering of teachers, Mr <name>, <designation> said, “Reasons like the rising population of students wanting vocationalising of education, the need of entrepreneurial skills for the economy, and the demand of trained personnel in the financial world has sharpened the desire among the young Indians to seek career opportunities as early as possible. In this scenario, it becomes very significant that a student should get the right information from experts at the right time.”

He further added, “Today good and meaningful education that has adequate practical training is seen as a passport to a great job which opens gates of myriad opportunities and a fulfilling career.”

During the last year more than <no of schools> opted for the FMM course started by CBSE. The first batch of students is well into the final year of this initiative and the response from the industry has been over-whelming. Moving with the trend, more schools are now making available this new alternative to their class XI and class XII students. The Government schools from Delhi too are now making this wonderful opportunity to learn the nitty-gritty of the stock market available for their students. FMM or Financial Markets Management is developed to provide end to end solutions for financial education needs at the school level.

This training program is customized for Indian students to help them understand the theories that govern the stock market. Through this visionary program, experts from BIFM and the NSE ensure that the students get the best possible understanding of wealth management through theory as well as working on simulations of software that is currently used by the industry.

Speaking on the significance of financial education, <name of chief guest>, <designation etc> said, “it is a welcome attempt to create a vital element and new perspective on school education today. It provides targeted training to help students realize their dreams. While earlier higher education was the only source of information, now this care and attention is met out by professionals. Attempts to this end are worth applause.”

BIFM has been recognized as an institute that has lived up to the financial world’s expectations. Following the success of in the past year, FMM students are already creating ripples and have caught the attention of the financial industry.

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[Arvind Passey]
Press release written for BIFM before the launch of their educational initiative with NSE and CBSE.