‘Finance managers do nothing but crunch numbers all day’ is nothing more than a cliché today. Number crunching is done by the beauties that think in bits and bytes. Obviously then, finance managers now spend their time assessing reports generated by computers. There is a lot of demanding File on medical bills in these new age careers that can only be mentored by the best.

The need has increased for intelligent, dynamic communicators and analysts in all aspects of the financial world including common wealth investmentments for men. The brave new corporate, is an exciting place to be in right now. If there is a right time and right place – this is it. Many indicators are moving north! What is vital, therefore, is opting for a course that the finance industry demands. We at BIFM call it being ‘market-ready’!

To be the darling of top recruiters in the financial world you need the success mantra of BIFM. To become market-ready for new age careers in finance, you need updated theory that the market needs, get extensive practice on all relevant application software, and follow it up with personality-lifting sessions. New age careers need new age delivery mechanisms and a set of faculty as well as a coach for financial planners who are experts at giving all the finance-content a touch of ‘new age’ class! At BIFM you get all this and more. Prerna Raghav, a fast track student at BIFM says that she “learnt so much about Stock Markets. All thanks to the faculty. Our practical classes further expanded our knowledge sphere and through live trading we grew confident.”

YOU need a career. The FINANCIAL WORLD needs outstanding candidates. The equation here is simple. You need a mentor having the power to connect your need with the needs of the best recruiters in the financial world!

The three power elements granting you a grand entry into the financial world are:

1. Power of an inclination for creating wealth

2. Power of mentors helping you be market-ready

3. Power of new age courses for new age careers

BIFM offers you fast-track as well as long-duration courses. Our fast track courses are in arbitrage, stock analysis and portfolio management, stock market trading & operations, derivatives trading and strategy, and technical analysis. The long-duration courses include a PG Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management as well as ADFP (Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning leading to the prestigious CFP designation). “You get the edge of knowledge enough to convert any ordinary student into an outstanding candidate!” says Vishesh Goel and adds further that, “integrating innovative content with excellent faculty is vital for those who aspire for the global Gold Standard of a Certified Financial Planner.” Teaching methodologies are the inspirational notes that make BIFM the leader in financial education today.

The art and science of achieving one’s financial goals through an intelligent choice of resources is what BIFM strives to teach. The 5 Ws and H (what, when, where, who, why, and how) of investment spanning mutual funds, insurance, stock market, and the financial world are given in-depth treatment in our courses.

We enable professionals convert mere potential into wizards of the financial world through mastering industry-preferred software! Our assets include an invigorating faculty, focused courses, updated and achievement-oriented course material and other services that add value to our efforts. From a well-stocked library to broadband access to the internet, from an involved approach to novel approaches, from success stories to success dreams… we have all that the yearning heart may desire for. Rishab Jain, a PGD-FPWM student at BIFM, agrees that learning is enhanced by personality development and says that “it is your attitude, not your aptitude that will determine your altitude. BIFM helped me give the right focus to my attitude. This vital change in my personality is primarily because of the personality development sessions at BIFM.” Obviously, the additional Personality Development workshops and Executive Speakers series aids them create a new benchmark in professionalism!

In today’s fast paced world planning a career is a great challenge. The tremendous growth in the economy is opening up new opportunities as new businesses get set up. India has become a global hunting ground for talent. Now we have the opportunity to think of ‘global’ careers. A career as a finance professional today is vastly different than it used to be years ago. The study and analysis of today’s markets, financial products and other financially related sectors of the business world are the foundation of financial activities to date. Stockbroker, financial planner, and investment banker are just a few examples of jobs that may be chosen when pursuing a career in finance. As finance grows year to year, being accurate and up to date with financial information and financial techniques is essential when considering a career in finance. This is a great career choice since more and more people are seeking financial services like estate planning and administration Schaumburg.

The traditional way of education is almost ‘out of fashion’ now. The course-book savvy, scholastic geniuses are not necessarily the front pacers anymore. Learning has also traversed from classrooms to the comfort zone of one’s home too. “Distance learning is an excellent solution for professionals and students who wish to add value to their conventional qualification,” says an eminent educationist from Delhi. The distance learning modules of BIFM are an apt example of this.

Thus, if you are searching for the secret that will make you reach the top financial companies you must know what the profile of such an outstanding candidate is. The answer can be put in two simple words: RIGHT EDUCATION.

Right education is exactly what you get at BIFM, the pioneer and leader in financial education today!

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BIFM courses:

Fast Track Courses

Diploma in Stock Market Trading and Operations (DSMT)

Diploma in Stock Analysis and Portfolio Management (DSAPM)

Commodity Arbitrage Trading and Operations (C-ATD)

Equity Arbitrage Trading and Operations (E-ATD)

Technical Analysis (TA)

Derivatives Trading and Strategy (DTS)

Sales and Marketing of Financial Services (SMFS)

Foundation Certificate in Stock Market (FSM)

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Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning + CFP designation (ADFP)


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Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth ManagementTM

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning + CFP designation (ADFP DLP)

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We give world-class customized corporate training solutions in financial markets (CT)

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Corporate Communications – BIFM

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