The future is what everyone looks forward to. A future career is what every student looks forward to. Financial planners get known as financial planner, financial advisor and personal financial consultant, but rarely what it typically is: financial products sales. For more on financial matters, visit their website.

The primary task of financial planners is to help people sort through and decide on investments, insurance and other financial products like Accounting Toronto and so on. They also do retirement planning, college funding, estate planning and general investment analysis. Check This out if you need help with your retirement plan.

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The most important feature is to know the kind of qualifications that will lead to appropriate employment. An academic background in accounting, finance, economics, business, mathematics or law surely helps. However, what is vital here is a focused training in the practical aspects of financial planning and wealth management. Fast track or even long-term courses that focus on making you market-ready for the right job in this field is more helpful than regular university degrees. Courses in investments, taxes, estate planning and risk management are valuable add-ons and their role is undeniable.

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Financial analysts may also seek the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and other similar designations to give them a head-start in both knowledge as well as professional advantage. There are job descriptions that may require you to have appropriate module certifications from the NSE too.

With the above introduction, let us make an in-depth analysis of other aspects that a financial planner has to look after. The first amongst all is obtaining new business. One of the hot sources of getting new business is through referrals. The search for clients needing those services and building a customer base is vital to tasting success as a financial planner. This can easily be accomplished through seminars or lectures, through social or business contacts or simply by cold calling. Understand that financial planning is possible only if there are enough clients needing your services.

Thus it is essential to build a wide, massive, and heterogeneous social network and it helps if one enters the field after working in a related occupation such as accountant, auditor, insurance sales agent, lawyer, or securities, commodities and financial services sales agent.

By now you must be wondering which type of organizations need financial advisors? The financial planner has career options of joining finance and insurance companies, including securities and commodity brokers, banks, insurance carriers and financial investment firms like Augusta Precious Metals. There is a large percentage of qualified financial planners who opt for entrepreneurship and operate through small investment advisory firms, usually in urban areas.

Interestingly, it is estimated that the overall employment of financial analysts and personal financial advisors is expected to increase faster than the average (by 27% or more) for all occupations through 2014. This is a result of the increased investment by businesses and individuals, the rising number of self-directed retirement plans and the growing number of seniors. Personal financial advisors will benefit even more than financial analysts as baby boomers save for retirement and as a better educated and wealthier population requires investment advice. In addition, people are living longer and must plan to finance more years of retirement. Also, they need to look for a retirement home, and Easy Retirement Living helps you find the perfect retirement home. They also consider a retirement home that has a stairlift for the elderly. Do stairlifts need a power supply? The installer explains the technique for using it.

Besides the information given about the career options in financial planning, it is important to determine if you have the right inclination and mental attitude for the rigors that it involves. Remember, you are selling financial services and products and must have a thorough sales-orientation, be an extrovert, communicate well, and have developed analytical abilities. Obviously, starting early will mean grasping the financial quotient better and so your march to getting focused knowledge must ideally begin immediately after graduation. Financial planners must have an independent disposition, be self-starters, and remain pro-active throughout. Let me emphasize on the challenge of building a client base as being vital to the job of a financial planner. This was pointed out earlier in this article. The factor that is bound to bring a smile to anyone reading this article is when I say that you always have to tell yourself: “I’ve never been average and I’ll earn more than the median.”

The characteristics pointed out in the preceding paragraph are those that are what will tell you if you are on the right track if about to opt for financial planning. Understandably, a massive chunk of the money that you mint will be from commissions and that is a rather sobering and terrifying thought. But if you have the right connections and the energy level to work that network, you could succeed in this tough career.

However, if the characteristics of a financial planner appear to be too rugged and rough for you to handle, don’t even think about financial planning. If you love the portfolio analysis side, consider working as a financial analyst. If math is your strong subject, go into financial engineering or quantitative analysis. You’ll make more money without having to sell all day long.

In case this article inspires you, start now. There is no better time than NOW!

Obviously, the most pertinent query at this stage will be… where and how do I find the best institute and the best mentors? Search for an institute that is rooted in excellence. One such institute is BIFM. BIFM is a leader and a pioneer in introducing job-oriented fast-track Diploma and PGD programs for providing the most relevant financial market education. Its fast-track training programmes have already taken the industry by storm and have created a huge talent pool of qualified manpower for the industry. BIFM today has over 95% market share in the fast track programmes for stock, commodity and derivative markets, making it a market leader in this segment.

BIFM is the leading approved education provider of FPSB for CFP programs. CFP is rated as Gold Standard by Wall Street Journal and is recognized in over 20 countries. Long term courses from BIFM include ADFP (Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning) and PGD-FPWM (PG Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management).

The fast track courses in stock market from BIFM have taken the industry by storm. More than 1, 40,000 stock market professionals look forward to learning about stock markets through our fast track courses which range from 1 – 4 months. These courses include Diploma in Stock Market Trading and Operations, Diploma in Stock Analysis and Portfolio Management, Commodity Arbitrage Trading and Operations, Equity Arbitrage Trading and Operations, Technical Analysis, Derivatives Trading and Strategy, Sales and Marketing of Financial Services, a Foundation Certificate in Stock Market, and Training in NCFM | NCDEX | MCX certification.

e-BIFM gives you the most modern distance learning experience and is ideal for working professionals and students who want the best financial education. ADFP and PGD-FPWM are available as distance learning programs.

BIFM also has I-score that is the leading brand for the Charted Financial Analyst (CFA®) Program).

Besides the above courses, BIFM also gives world-class customized corporate training solutions in financial markets.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management

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We give world-class customized corporate training solutions in financial markets (CT)


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