Why does it happen so, that I
Get thoughts that live only if I
Remain sitting wherever I
Sat before I get up to write?

And when I change my seat I find
Myself getting some other mind
And no amount of wind, rewind
Helps me get back what seemed so right!

Wherever else I reach and get
Whenever else I set to net
Whatever else I get to set
That thought I missed, I’ll never write.

I wonder then why people move
Their lives, their loves from groove to groove
They surely have something to prove,
To write about, to fight, to right.

I know I like to sit where I
Can see and sense moments go by
They stop, answer my every why
They give me all I need to write.

I move only when moving will
Take me away to find and fill
Spaces that may get frozen, still
Or pull me into darkness, fright.

I have my books and internet
I get to set and set to net
New ways, new thoughts – I do not fret
I get my highs on sight, insight.