The magic spell!

The magic spell!

I stood before a shop that sold

Cute bottles with some magic spell

It’s good. This one. I like. Let’s buy!

Was all I heard, until was told:

Hold this, don’t break and spill the spell!

‘Fragrance!’ My wife had spied my ‘why’!


‘Fragrance!’ I said, and then mumbled,

‘Is there in our home full of books,

The times we cleaned the house as one,

Your gritty hold as I fumbled!’

‘Your messages in corners, nooks,

She added, ‘were a spell and fun!’


The spell of fragrance is within

And fragrance of this spell remains

As long as we may wish it be!

‘And these,’ she said now with a grin,

‘Scents will bring back those magic strains.’

And scents made sense magically!


Arvind Passey
03 March 2012