Innovations, it seems are fast becoming the norm today. You don’t innovate, you don’t exist… is becoming as real as reality can ever dare to be. So I wasn’t really surprised when only a few days back I got an email inviting me to yet another launch of yet another innovation in the world of mobile communication. It was the launch of the latest Galaxy Note 800 or the Galaxy Note 10.1 as some may choose to call it.

‘What’s the difference between the earlier Note and this one,’ asked Specky, my wife.

I fumbled a bit for the answer, furtively looked at an open web-page where the tech specifications were given and said, ‘Well, it has a 10.1 inch LCD display.’

‘What else?’

Instead of saying anything I just guided her gaze to the webpage that mentioned the other tech facts like it having 3G and wifi, weighing just 600 gm, a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, a 5 mp front camera and a 1.9 mp rear camera… when she suddenly said, ‘I like these dual camera gadgets. They are the ones that are skype friendly and help me get on to my video chats easily.’

‘Yes,’ I agreed and said, ‘Well, it has a 1.4 Ghz quad core processor and runs on Android 4 which is what we call the Ice cream sandwich!’

‘Just tell me one thing that makes this tablet special?’ she persisted suddenly and then asked, ‘By the way, if this one is a tablet, why call it a Note?’

‘Because it has a stylus,’ I answered.

That’s lovely!’ she said and I could see happiness oozing out of her. Everyone in my home loves the stylus… it makes life really smart.

‘This note is poised to give tablets an S-life,’ I said, ‘and I’ve written a short poem on this feature.’ She insisted that I recite the poem, which I did… but you readers will need to be happy with just reading the lines.


The e-world is e-volving
Moving from alphabet to alphabet
Towards a new life
The S-life!
Technology makes a note
Life gets to note
And you and I
Have Galaxy Note
The note
With an S-pen!

Zach Epstein, in a recent post, has written: ‘Calling the new Note nothing short of “life-changing,” Samsung focused on the slate’s S Pen stylus integration as a key differentiating factor that will change the way we use tablets forever. Despite a wide range of criticism, we found that Samsung’s stylus features indeed added some great capabilities in certain cases.’

Well, this launch is going to be there tomorrow, the 24th of August 2012 at the Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi… and Samsung will be live streaming the launch. So all those of you who want first-hand information need to be here on this page and watch this space:

As I was writing this small post, I wondered if Samsung would also think of developing a lot of applications where the stylus was involved. This would be very desirable as a lot of us would want to know the myriad ways in which the stylus could make life easy for us… and anyway, this sort of development would be so android-friendly as well.

Samsung invite_August 2012_launch of Galaxy Note 800

Samsung invite_August 2012_launch of Galaxy Note 800


Arvind Passey
23 August 2012