The Blobs_001_The toons who love to talk

The Blobs_001_The toons who love to talk


Isn’t it funny to find that toons do most of the talking in most countries while the rest of the population sits silently, suffering the ignominies of the rulers? Yes, some do wake up, get up and begin some action plan… but what can just a handful of activated souls do to the massive forces of scamsters in this country? Nothing really… so we have the toons putting in their might.

Toons talk a lot. Toons show a lot. Toons think a lot. And toons tell it all in a way that makes you smile even as you realise the gravity of a situation.

Yes, we have examples of even toons being gagged and silenced. But toons are a resilient lot… they bounce back. They don’t just bounce back, they do it in greater numbers and with a greater combined impact! So what if the Netas decide to oust them from the NCERT textbooks… they would be there on the net to say what they need to say.

My toons couple… THE BLOBS… are going to be there on my blog and I propose to call my series: BLOBS ON MY BLOG. Hope you read them all.



Arvind Passey
23 August 2013