Pic Tale 004 – What you see is not what I see

Pic Tale 004 – What you see is not what I see


This picture was job-security redefined. I realised that the word insecure was vastly different from unsecure. One connects with a state of mind and the other is all about the objective, physical world.

A tumbling stock market gives us the jitters, a new boss in office makes life full of unknown fears, a transfer makes us feel isolated and full of fears… and yet, we don’t think for a moment before asking the house painter to hang precariously outside a third floor balcony and paint the grill white! I’ve seen these guys (and they’re not professionals, let me tell you) hanging out and completing an assignment without security straps or a hanging platform even from a thirteenth floor… is it justified to just say, ‘occupational hazard’ and look the other way?

I once asked one of these painters, ‘How does the world appear when you hang out to paint an exterior?’

He looked at me, smiled, and cryptically said, ‘What you see is not what I see.’ Then he walked away.



Arvind Passey
23 August 2013