PicTale – My workplace is all fun

PicTale – My workplace is all fun


Yes, a workplace for these construction workers is just fun. The space that I saw from my seventh floor balcony was one that was an office, a dining area, a living room, a place for get one’s thoughts together, a place to sit and gossip, and some may just say it is a worker’s SOHO down there.

I looked at that space, thought about it, and then clicked this picture, telling myself, ‘A concept of home-office does rule out traffic stress and so much time unnecessarily spent unproductively.’

But then, I’m sure the workers must be looking towards the occupied high-rises and there would be some thoughtful guy there who’d mutter, ‘Our India is so much different than the India we see from here. I wish I was there.’

India is so full of contrary thoughts!



Arvind Passey
21 August 2013



Note: This picture was clicked on 16 May 2012.