Note: These poems on JobReady are also TwitterReady… they’re all trim enough to be sent as tweets of 140 characters or less. These poems were written and sent as a part of a twitter contest by Wiley India and the hashtag was #JobReady.



Know the brand
To stand
Apart from those
Who need a hand
To just stand!

Do that
and you’re job-ready!


When I know
What they show
And when I show
What they know
Makes me heady
And job-ready!



Don’t say NO to know more
Say ‘no more’ to words like chore & bore
And #JobReady you will be
Before someone says ‘Hire me!’



What’s better?

I know
I go
I show


I go
Then know
Then show.

If you know the answer
you’re #JobReady



Arvind Passey
08 August 2013