Blobs on my Blog 004_2013_09_01_ To have or not to have a blast

Blobs on my Blog 005_2013_09_01_ To have or not to have a blast


‘Blast is a strange word,’ said Mrs Blob, ‘it takes you on a real roller-coaster ride through a boxful of fun, a cache of expletives, and a world of explosions.’

So the expression ‘to have or not to have a blast’ comes loaded with meaning! The Blobs then went on to explore some more ways the word blasts through our existence. I ventured, ‘The Janamashtami blast of filmi bhajans did not let me write a word that night.’

Mrs Blob dryly added, ‘Don’t you forget the blast of a crackpipe that the sadhus and the sadhvis are ever so fond of. And the cocaine hangover blast next morning!’

‘Blast!’ interjected Mr Blob, ‘how could I forget such connections?’ The Blobs studiously tended to avoid such legally incorrect connections and so it wasn’t surprising to find them talk about this word with sex-insinuations not coming anywhere near. Nor did they let the word pop up sullied with a disturbed bowel syndrome! With these so urban meanings missing, did the Blobs really have a blast discussing blast? I wouldn’t know, but as they say, those who go blasting around in words don’t do so much in deeds!


Arvind Passey
Toon drawn a few days back in the last week of August