008_Blobs on my Blog_Insanity of vanity_2013_09_11

008_Blobs on my Blog_Insanity of vanity_2013_09_11


The newspaper went on and on about ‘Vanity’ structures and how architects were obsessed with designing taller skyscrapers where almost a third of the top floors remained uninhabitable!

‘This is so unkind to resources,’ said Ms Blob. But then that very day she bought for herself a pair of ‘platforms’… a form of footwear that thrusts you into your taller avatar!

Mr Blob sniggered, ‘Aha! So we have vanity height for you too? Footwear architects seem to have attracted you.’

Now, we all know by now that Ms Blob was hardly the sort who would not have a fitting reply to anything… and even for this barb, she had one. She said, ‘My vanity has sanity at the top! But look at the high-risers around you, the netas, the babus, the actors, and the money-crunchers… they’re all like these vanity buildings… uninhabitable at the top!’

She was right to an extent… we do have legislators and administrators who are competing with each other to be taller, but the higher they perched, the lower was the probability of socially relevant ideation coming from them. They had, it seems, reached a level of cosmetic anatomy where life was all a ligament falsity without any grey cells there to lend sanity!


Arvind Passey
11 September 2013