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Being connected isn’t so difficult now. The Blobs agree.

‘Go back to 1994, and you were sending me FAXes everyday when I was in the U of Y,’ reminded Ms Blob.

Mr Blob nodded in agreement and remembered why the local phone-booth wala was happy with him. ‘He saw in me a guy who came and gave a hundred rupees for a fax every second day,’ he mumbled. Mr Blob searched his files and showed Ms Blob the originals of the faxes he had sent her. ‘The sketches and the drawings look so much better than what I actually got,’ she said.

Remaining connected is no longer such a pain… nor is it so expensive. Unless you call buying a smartphone that can accommodate skype, whatsapp or WeChat, a terrifying expenditure. Mr Blob was out of the country recently and the first thing he did when he reached the hotel was to connect to the free wifi there… and send a couple of pics zipping to Ms Blob.

‘I wish though,’ said Ms Blob, ‘that technology helped our politicians to remain connected to the needs of people. Always connected would be so much more useful then.’


Arvind Passey
Drawn on 06 September 2013