010_Blobs on my Blog_The dream snatchers_2013_09_13

010_Blobs on my Blog_The dream snatchers_2013_09_13


‘I want to make your dreams mine,’ sounds so like the witch in a fairy tale saying, ‘Gimme more! Gimme more!’ or some fearsome Count from a Scandinavian country doing some glib selling with punch lines like, ‘Let our blood flow as one!’ Obviously, for the Count thriving on sucking blood, the sentence is utterly romantic… just as romantic as Rahul baba wanting to make our dreams his.

Politicians thrive on dreams… they’re forever selling them to their gullible electorate. But what none of realised until this statement was the source of their literally unlimited stock of dreams. Ha! Now we know where these dreams come from… these politicians come camouflaged as friends, steal away our dreams and then come back to sell us refurbished packs of our own dreams.

Remember, we are the original dreamers and the neta is just a wily seller of refurbished dreams! This business of dream-burglary has just gotten a bit too open now… and I won’t be surprised to find them trading dreams even in full view of the DD cameras. Parties would have a gala time bartering rare rural dreams in exchange for subsidies and massive financial sops. Regional parties would have large dream-banks to store their State-specific dreams and this is surely going to be something that the Planning Commission and the RBI will want to control and command. Journalists and thinkers will begin write and debate on the differences between the ‘economics of great dreams’ and the ‘dreams of a great economy’. There is certainly great seriousness attached to this business of dreams.

What worried me, however, was that a young politician wasn’t just itching to make our dreams his, he was willing to crush his own dreams as well. If dream snatchers are evil, what will dream-crushers be like? Think.



Arvind Passey
13 September 2013