For his SSB Thematic Apperception Test Bhairon Singh had to write a few lines on a picture showing a young man coming out of an employment exchange in what could be interpreted as either thoughtfulness or an agitated state of mind. Most wrote about the dreadful state of unemployment in the country and how the educated youth were the real victims of State apathy.

Bhairon Singh thought for a few seconds and wrote about this man who worked there and mentioned that the picture reflected a convergence of his concern for the brilliant minds looking for jobs with his utter helplessness to help them all.

The psychologists in the Board fell in love with his interpretation.

Yes, Bhairon Singh smiled to see his name in the list of successful candidates but muttered, ‘The suckers fell for my instinct to tell tales and will be shocked when I actually reject the offer to join the Indian Army as I’ve already cleared my GMAT and will be off to Princeton next week.’

Are the best really the best?

Are the best really the best?


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Arvind Passey
11 January 2014