Singing to a tune that everyone loves
Or strumming out a musical score for words all know
Is what mortals in this world do or show
I do all this but I wish to be immortal.

Mercenaries get paid for every drop of blood
So does an assassin. So do doctors, lawyers, & leaders
For every moment of their time
I do the same but why must I be their rhyme?

What about those who can buy a glance
Or get herds to hear them out
Or have by their side luck or chance?
I walk that way knowing that’s not the right path.

Walk away, if you wish to, with all you can
Scam the world and be beyond a scan
Sail the seas or fly the skies
I’ve done it all but I know this isn’t what I want.

I have been a sin and also greed
I have agreed when I should have disagreed
I’ve been a scintilla and a conflagration
Then I’ve turned my back to it all.

And each time I thought I won, I lost
Sinking in the quicksand of other temptations
But each time I pushed away such situations
I won.

I won when I stopped turning my back
Or running away
I stood like a rock in swirling eddies
Helping life live for yet another day!

I won when I allowed words to invade me
To create strong worlds for vulnerable dreams
I won when I watched a strand of this thought
Go forth replicating, creating winners.

Winners create winners

Winners create winners


Winning isn’t easily understood… nor described. This poem is an attempt to come nearer this enigma.
Dedicated to the winners who’ll be a part of the India Today Conclave 2014.
This contest on ‘Winning!’ is hosted by Indiblogger.


Arvind Passey
11 February 2014