Emotions are human experiences that are subjective and can have a strong presence in one person with little effect on another.  Diane Raymond writes that the word emotion comes from the Latin word emovere, in which “e” means “out” and “movere” means “move.” The 7 basic emotions that most of us are aware of can be listed as: Anger, Contempt, Fear, Disgust, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise. All these basic emotions have a certain facial expression that goes with them. I think these researchers have never watched lovers of Black Dog TGR display their range of emotions when face-to-face with this very cerebral whisky. But then, who wouldn’t have the same range of emotions, if not more, when tasting a brand of scotch that surpasses expectations!

Let us review the Black Dog emotions of a BD lover.

The ‘bold and magnificent’ emotion 

The first emotion that made a lasting impact on me is: Bold & magnificent. It is as if the outstanding blend of what in your presence must be given the reverence and respect that it so rightly deserves. One obviously reserves it for Black Dog… but you could easily direct it towards any situation or person or thing that reflects the magnificence of a 12 YO blend that has remained dormant in cold dark warehouses before converging with other impressions of life to come and stand right in front of us.

The ‘teasing light warm peat’ emotion 

The second emotion that one can decipher in a BD lover’s face is what I’d easily call the teasing light warm peat expression! All those who’ve rolled the BD TGR in their mouth know what the palate senses… a fruity sweetness with teasing light warm peat. It is a beautifully rounded and heavy body feeling that so many of us get in situations that are thought-provoking and the ideal catalysts for some great idea generation.

The ‘silent sea waves’ emotion

The next great emotion display is what many would call the silent sea waves emotion, where the pronounced rich malt and oak and sherry sweetness spreads warmly in the mouth… yes, like silent sea waves! The sort of expression you stumble upon when you meet a guy having BD TGR in his glass, basking in its amber with golden highlights! This is the sort of expression that friendliness is all about. A friendliness that enters your life like the aroma of delicate butterscotch bordering on cream and then spreads with a great flourish of floral nuances!

The ‘harmony of delight’ emotion 

Ah! I’m sure a lot of you will say that humans have a medley of emotions at any given time. Yes, I’d agree and add that this wonderful scotch does lead to a harmony of delight! Well, almost like what all my friends sipping BD TGR display so effortlessly. Yes, this emotion is certainly a challenging emotion for even the best of actors, but then we must know that it was BD TGR helping my friends get to the right shade of emotion. That’s the beauty of a great scotch, and I’m sure you’ll agree to this!

The ‘impeccable balance’ emotion

What else but the impeccable balance emotion can be expected from the BD TGR, a scotch that the world admires! One can sense a truly noble bouquet of luscious malty tones conversing gently with velvety textures… and the mellow complex quixotic flavours come out in sliding on silky soft tones and dancing their way on to the face!

Obviously, the physiology of emotions is closely linked to the arousal of the nervous system. I can say with a quiet certainty that this scotch does have the intuitive ability to bring the right emotions to the fore! This is precisely what makes it the world’s best!


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Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25.



Arvind Passey
24 May 2014