It exists in words, deeds, and non-verbal interactions. You have the right to remain tasteless, of course. Like so many of us. I’m sure you’ve noticed tasteless gestures, heard tasteless remarks, and have been tortured by tasteless relationships… they’re there everywhere. Therefore, taste has many forms. We’re literally surrounded by them and the way I see it, we really need to appreciate that slender path, that saving grace where taste still lives.

Taste is what I look for even in my altercations. Why transform the magnificence of a fight into an amorphous lump of low-brow abuses? Why be like the petty politician who forgets often that even a confrontation needs to be gorgeous. Why can’t they use surgical gloves and scalpels when dissecting their rivals? Why always bludgeon an opponent and then fling that palpating pulp towards the masses? No sir, this is no way to evolve into a polished tasteful leader. Therefore, I say, taste needs a triple maturation. Almost like they do it with a whisky before declaring it as Black Dog TGR with a delicate taste and flavour of a 12 YO blend.

Now that we’re clear about the need for proper maturation to develop a heavenly taste, let me add that when the taste matures, the hues and the aromas too change. Let me prove this point by talking about all our friends in the virtual world who often get into dog-fights for petty reasons. Obviously, those petty reasons have pretty prizes woven into them at some stage, but these online buzzards who call themselves friends are actually waiting for someone to slip and fall. They collectively come howling to give a push of finality before they break into a tasteless dance-n-rap of yet another worthy competitor dead and gone. But they don’t realise that they could be next in the queue… as these virtual buzzards know only decaying gizzards and nothing else. They need to take a lesson in tastefulness from a golden-hued bottle of Triple Gold Reserve.

So what does the Triple Gold Reserve teach? The lessons are simple enough.

Lesson 01: Take all the good features of grain whiskies and malt whiskies. For us it means we need to be observant during our interactions at home and adopt the positive traits of our parents

Lesson 02: Allow yourself to be transferred from one cask to another without fuss. This obviously implies that we must go from one institution to another with an open mind that is ready to accept learning

Lesson 03: Brace yourself for a steep learning curve by entering a triple maturation process. For us it means we must not be fearful of hard tasks and accept them to complete them

Lesson 04: Stay in your cask until you’re ready to be bottled. The lesson here is that our presentation to the world must go through a well-defined pathway and a pre-mature revelation just might be fatal

Lesson 05: Remain proud of your lineage and what you are because of it.
Finally, if Black Dog TGR can follow this, why can’t we? Now, coming back to this delicate matter of taste… remember, it isn’t difficult for the best of whiskies to get sullied by uncouth mixing. Just like them, be a part of groups that will enhance, nourish, and nurture your blend of taste.

After all, it’s your life… and you have a right to protect your taste.

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Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25.

Arvind Passey
10 May 2014