Twitter contest #JKTyreNoLimit #PasseyDOTinfo

Twitter contest #JKTyreNoLimit #PasseyDOTinfo

Yes, there must never be any limits set to the spirit of adventure… this is one facet of life that keeps it bubbly forever.

Go out and zoom into the midst of life
Cut out the insipid with an adventure knife!

Adventurous spirit is what I am talking about… the spirit that pushes one out of the comfort zone and allows new experiences to enter and give life the verve and the catalyst it always needs. So whether it is driving or diving, go ahead and embrace it… and step forward and loosen your reservations and inhibitions and fears. Life calls you… set no limits to your wish to experience adventure.

‘Good words,’ a friend told me once, ‘but how to go about seeking adventure?’

Well, for starters, let’s just try and win Couple Passes + excitingly vrooming merchandise from KJ Tyres today. Who knows, this may give you the right entry into a world of adventure that was hidden from your view until now.

For the uninitiated, JK Tyre Motorsport is part of JK Tyre & Industries Limited which is amongst the top 3 tyre manufacturers in India and top 20 globally. They have been associated with Motorsports for over three decades. Their mission is to take a restructured and redesigned form of motorsport to the masses in ways that makes it affordable… and, quite importantly, also at par with international standards by investing in building world class infrastructure across the country. The company started with rallying, and over the years has put a full-fledged program in place for a motorsport enthusiast.

And TODAY, you too can win Couple Passes + excitingly vrooming merchandise from KJ Tyres. I’ll tell you how, a bit later. Let’s first watch a video clip of JK Tyre Racing Championship 2013… just to let the flow of adrenalin get intense!

Now that we are talking of adventure and now that we have added car racing to the list, can flags be far behind? I mean, there are going to be a lot of you heading for the Buddh International Circuit along the Yamuna Expressway to watch cars racing with each other in the 3rd Round of 17th JK Tyre Racing Championship. By the way, the hashtag for the event is #JKTyreNoLimit and remember it because you’ll be using it a lot in your tweets. So as I was saying, the adventure sport called car racing beckons you now… and because some of you are going to be there as the winners, you must know a bit about the flags they use in these car races.

This jpeg taken from Wikipedia will help you get a bird’s eye view of the significance of flags in a race.

Racing Flags_Wikipedia

Racing Flags_Wikipedia

With this small background, I think you are now ready to know more about the contest on twitter.

Twitter Contest hosted by me… on the 4th and 5th of November 2014

Rules for the contest:

  1. Use TWO hashtags to answer. No twitter handle to remember… just remember these two hashtags: #JKTyreNoLimit & #PasseyDOTinfo
  2. The contest flags off at 12 in the afternoon with the rules communicated on twitter too. Contest will remain active from 12 AM on 04 November 2014 to 05 PM on 05 November 2014.
  3. There will be 4 (FOUR) laps that will have to be completed.
  4. Completion of laps matter and there will be bonus points too.
  5. There will be bonus points for subscribing to my blog: Subscribing is easy. Fill in your email id and name on the top right corner of this post.
  6. There will also be bonus points for creative tweets during the third lap.
  7. Obviously, you need to follow @arvindpassey on twitter.


  1. There are 20 Couple Passes to the 17th JK Tyre Racing Championship with exciting merchandise.
  2. Five of these prizes go to those who send in MAXIMUM tweets with both hashtags and fulfilling other conditions.
  3. Five prizes go to the most creative tweets sent.
  4. The remaining ten will be decided through a lucky draw.

Let me now reveal the laps here on the blog post too. The laps or questions or assignments… whatever you choose to call them… are going to be revealed in the following sequence:

At 12… Rules and info about the prizes
At 12:15… Lap 1
At 12:30… Lap 2
At 12:45… Lap 3
At 10:00 AM on 05 November… Lap 4 (Final lap)

The laps will be uploaded on the blog too after they are communicated on twitter.

Lap 1

Revealed at 12:15

What does the green flag in races signify? Find the answer here:
Use #JKTyreNoLimit & #PasseyDOTinfo to tweet answer.

Lap 2

Revealed at 12:30

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is in the top 20 globally. True or False? Answer here:
Use #JKTyreNoLimit & #PasseyDOTinfo

Lap 3

Revealed at 12:45 

Use #JKTyreNoLimit & #PasseyDOTinfo & complete the sentence. “Adventure & JK Tyre Motorsport go together because…”

Lap 4

Revealed at 10:00 AM on 05 November 2014

Include #JKTyreNoLimit & #PasseyDOTinfo & tell the world why you’d like to be at the 17th JK Tyre Racing Championship. 20 Couple Passes + merchandise to be won!




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Arvind Passey
04 November 2014