A bulky size needs a bulky idea and a bulky tab to rekindle a passion for being trim again!

A bulky size needs a bulky idea and a bulky tab to rekindle a passion for being trim again!

Being fit has been a passion for years… but these past few years have made my body weight do a high jump and so I’m now a formidable 85kg. ‘Come on, lots of people are 85 and they aren’t fat!’ is what you might tell me. But listen, they weren’t 57 kg just six years back, were they?

Yes, I’ve spent my life in the 56-62 kg zone and so this new avatar that is 85 is unnerving me.

‘Time for your new year resolution,’ said Specky, my wife, and I had nothing to say except nod my head in agreement.

‘I need help,’ I said, after a long bout of going inwards. So we browsed the net to see and review all the ways that could help me in my resolve. We finally decided that a continuous reminder inside as well as outside home just might do the trick.

‘Why don’t you install the right app in your phone?’ asked Specky.

‘No storage space there,’ I replied.

‘What about your iPad?’ she insisted.

‘It doesn’t connect to the net once I’m out of the home wifi network,’ I said.

She did a quick search and pointed to the Micromax Canvas Tab P666, and said, ‘This one seems ok. Not expensive and has a large screen too so your current plump form will easily fit in completely.’ We laughed and then I began reading its specs and realised that the tab could actually help. It was then that I noticed that it was an 8 inch tab!

‘It is an 8 inch tab!’ I yelled.

‘I know,’ replied Specky calmly, ‘that’s why I told you that your current form will be visible on the large screen!’

The device seemed more like some 8 inch smartphone and I did recollect a joke about the Russian scientists that was popular years ago. The joke was about a Russian scientist wearing a lovely watch that was also a walkie-talkie, a small screen television, a radio, and even a camera. As he slowly walked around lugging a massive suitcase at an airport, another traveller, who was visibly impressed, asked him, ‘Will you sell me this lovely watch. I’m willing to give you a thousand dollars for it.’ The scientist said, ‘Sold!’ He then unstrapped the watch and gave it to the buyer. As the buyer was leaving, the scientist said, ‘Hey! Take this along. It is the battery that goes with the watch!’ Then the scientist handed over the heavy massive suitcase to the traveller, saying, ‘Remember to charge it every hour.’

As I told this joke, I added, ‘Well, an 8 inch smartphone is a bit hard to accept!’ But then Specky wasn’t one to lose a battle so fast. She said, ‘Listen, carrying this massive smartphone will help you lose a few extra crucial calories. Understood?’

‘And I’ll probably have great biceps too, besides a trim body!’ I replied, because seeing the massive form, I knew that carrying it in a pocket was literally impossible. But Specky had made her point. My New Year resolution was to lose weight… and not carry a smart weightless device, right?

I then searched for reviews of this device because now it interested me. I found one soon enough and the reviewer at NDTV simply wrote: ‘…its construction quality is not very impressive. There’s quite a bit of flex when you grip the device. You can see disturbances on the screen and hear the plastic body creaking when even moderate pressure is applied.’ This, I told myself, also helped me stick to my resolution to lose weight. These disturbances and the creaking noise would surely haunt me enough to get up from my comfortable chair and walk around restless… after all there are sacrifices to be made if you seriously want to lose weight.

That review also told me that the ‘free’ games in the device were just trials and would badger you to buy the full version. ‘Aha!’ I said, ‘this is another way to lose weight. No free games with this device mean I will get out of my home and play table-tennis with you!’

Specky was pleased at this and said, ‘Wow! Micromax seems to have come out with a wonder device for reducing weight.’

Well, I cannot comment about the lightning speed of the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 as I haven’t used it… and will request the Micromax team to send me a review device so that I use and review it soon enough… but I know for sure that it will help me lose weight speedily!

Even the fact that the default keyboard is Swiftkey, which is an excellent feature, let me add hurriedly, will help me reduce because I would then me MOVING my finger over the keyboard and not lazily tapping the screen. And moving a finger over a screen that is as big as the device that we are talking about means the number of calories burnt would be more!

The second good feature that I noticed was that the battery had a good 7 hours plus life. Specky smiled and asked, ‘How does this help you reduce weight, dear?’

‘Elementary,’ I said, ‘I can extend my morning walk without wanting to rush back home to recharge the device.’ Obviously, the app in the device and the 3G connectivity here will make sure that I get a continuous feedback on my calorie-burning resolution.





How the micromax Canvas Tab P666 might help me discover my passion...

How the micromax Canvas Tab P666 might help me discover my passion…


This post is a humorous take on how the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 could help me re-discover my passion… which is to lose weight and be my former 57 Kg self again.
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Arvind Passey
31 December 2014


So you see, even if my passion is reducing weight, I can harness technology (and sometimes the not-so-suave way it comes to us) to rediscover it after years of passivity and lethargy!