I run because…
(Twitter rhymes written for the hashtag #IRunBecause)



#IRunBecause running makes me happy
In a world that is increasingly snappy!

Each body bit will then stay light
And I’ll live my life with some might!

#IRunBecause then I don’t sag on all sides
No one calls me ‘2-in-1’ during bus rides!

To run is not a time consuming activity
It releases us from stressful captivity!

#IRunBecause the immune system loves it
And harmful viruses don’t enter to bust it!

Running gifts us life and style
And also a heartfelt smile!

#IRunBecause my metabolism loves it
And for gourmet indulging keeps me fit!

#IRunBecause glow & growth are then one
And living moments become so full of fun!

#IRunBecause it helps me read more, know more
And remembering keeps me informed to the core!

#IRunBecause my perspective gets wider
Even thoughts and attitude get broader!

#IRunBecause more oxygen
Helps brain function to win!

#IRunBecause depression & anxiety stay away
It is indeed a great mood booster for each day!

#IRunBecause it instills humility in me
And from any power ego I am left free!

#IRunBecause people like my tweets but never RT
I do hope they see the facts meandering in poetry!

#IRunBecause it makes imagination soar
And output becomes a healthy store!

#IRunBecause I love the distance and the journey
The rest is left free to be serious or even funny!

#IRunBecause it is all about determination
And forms the foundation of subliminal elation!

#IRunBecause it disciplines my very being
Performance is just what the world is seeing!

#IRunBecause it tones and tunes my passion
And never to follow a trend or fad or fashion!

#IRunBecause then I’m out and in tune with nature
And helps me tone up my environment signature!

#IRunBecause running tones the body and mind
And in life’s race I’ll never be left behind!

Every moment needs me energetic
And never lazy or lethargic!

#IRunBecause it’s healthy, my friend
And not because it is a trend!

Some run to escape or not to work
#IRunBecause obesity I want to shirk

To run
Is fun
And health
Is wealth
I run
For fun
Be trim
Sans gym
And bit by bit
Stay fit.




Twitter rhymes on #IRunBecause. Twitter contest by @People_TCS

Twitter rhymes on #IRunBecause. Twitter contest by @People_TCS




Arvind Passey
01 June 2016
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