Our world is full of sellers and buyers… and as both these words have ‘er’, let me add that we have a lot more of ‘ers’ than the other two combined. I realized this when I was trying to sell my smartphone that I had used for a couple of years. Well, to tell you the truth I was also trying to find a buyer for my old laptop as I had bought a new Surface Pro4 and had no need for my older machine. And because I am a technology lover, I had a couple of smart watches, a handheld game, a digital frame, a kindle, and a lot of other gizmos that I was no longer using.

Phew! The list makes me look like one terrific seller, I guess. But let me admit that I am not. This is because I have been unable to sell even one gadget so far. Not that I have not tried. Believe me, I have tried word-of-mouth, portals, free ads in local tabloids, email appeals, announcements on the RWA notice-board, and even asking courier boys to carry my message far and wide. All that happened is what I’m going to tell you now.

‘Am I talking to you?’ said a voice that didn’t sound familiar.

Nonetheless, I said, ‘Yes, you’re talking to me.’

‘Good then. Are you the one who is the seller?’

‘Yes, I am the one.’

Now, pauses, if they go on for a long time, disorient me. And I did what anyone in my position would have done. I shouted back in panic, ‘Hello! Hullo! Hell-oooo!’

‘I am still here. Don’t shout, please.’

‘Ah! I’m sorry. Thought there was a break in the call.’

‘Er… I am thinking.’

‘Thinking?’ I answered, ‘But I haven’t told you anything about my gadget yet. Not even the brand, nor the price.’

‘Yes, but I am er… thinking.’

‘Ok. Go ahead. Think as much as you want. I’m waiting.’

Then after what seemed like an ordeal for the smartphone that I was holding on to while having this conversation, the man (Oops! the voice) said in a careful tone, ‘What is it that you are selling?’

Now it was my turn to be completely floored by his question. I let his words ooze into my being for longer than a few seconds, and could hear that voice ask, ‘Hello! Are you there, seller?’

‘Yes, I’m still where I am. Thankfully. And allow me to inform you that I am selling my smartphone. It is the one that I am using to receive your call and this will obviously indicate that the device is functional.’

‘Good. I thought I had called up the guy who advertised about selling his bed. We have decided not to buy a bed.’

‘Good for you, sir. Beds are used for lying… and lying is bad. The nation hates those who lie.’

‘Sorry. I did not understand you. You are not lying about anything, I hope.’

‘No, I’m not. Just reflecting the mood of the nation in my words,’ I replied, and then before this buyer could confound me with another of his confounding silences or questions, I added, ‘It is a smartphone that I am selling. It is sixteen months old but as good as new. The charger, cables, and headphones are intact. The screen is not damaged. I also have the box…’

‘Ok… ok… I understand all this. But I can pay you only cash. You see I don’t have any card with me.’

‘Absolutely fine. I too cannot accept a card payment as I’m not a dealer with a card-reading machine. But now that you mention it, you are free to give me a draft or even a cheque.’

‘Yes, I will like to check the phone first.’

‘Come down to my place anytime. You may note my address if you have a pen and paper near you.’

‘No. I don’t have any leaves so you will have to come.’

‘Leaves?’ I thought for a moment and wondered why anyone would want a leave of absence for an evening out or on a Sunday, and so I said, ‘Come on a Sunday. You won’t use up any leave then.’

‘Er… I am from Mahabalipuram. So you must come. And I will pay in cash.’

‘What did you just say? Mahabalipuram? Is it somewhere near R K Puram?’ I could never have imagined the reply that I got. I mean, I am trying to sell a used smartphone and expect a buyer from my own city, that is, Delhi… and this person is asking me to travel hundreds of miles to hand over this device for a paltry sum. How much more cruel can things get?

‘I don’t know where R K Puram is. But I stay on the highway when you drive from Chennai. I will come to receive you at the bus stop near the two palm trees.’

‘Mahabalipuram. Chennai…’ my voice had turned into a whisper, but I went on bravely, ‘Do you think I am selling my phone for fifty thousand?’

‘No sir,’ said that voice, ‘you have asked for seven thousand only. But I’m a poor man. You can give me a discount of two thousand surely.’

‘Sure. Er… I’m not selling.’

Now if you give me one good reason why I must not give up or lose hope, I’ll gift my old smartphone to you for free. This is precisely what my state of mind has been for all these weeks since that traumatic long-distance conversation with a voice from mahabalipuram… until today.

Until today? Did something magical happen?

Well yes, something that isn’t short of magic. I happened to log on to Cashify and you can see the sort of offer that I have got. My phone is now ready to be exchanged for another for an amount that I had thought was reasonable some time back. If this isn’t magic, then what is? Yes, I have decided to #CleanUpCashOut before this sane voice on the internet and on Android as well as iOS decides to tell me, ‘Man, you need to come to Doklam to cashify your smartphone.’ Ha! Ha!

I stumbled upon this app at the right time… chance ki baat! But remember, don’t give up, don’t lose hope.




This is what happened that lifted my spirits at Cashify. #CleanUpCashOut

This is what happened that lifted my spirits at Cashify. #CleanUpCashOut


#CleanUpCashOut isn't just a hashtag... it is the start of a wave

#CleanUpCashOut isn’t just a hashtag… it is the start of a wave


Use code <CLEANCASH> to get more on Cashify. This means an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets



Arvind Passey
16 October 2017