‘Life is one big gym…’ I began, but before I could go any further, Specky, my wife nodded her head in disagreement.

She said, ‘Oh! Come on. Life can also be Talkatora Garden, right? People can go there and walk without having to pay anything. Why must life be a gym? Why must it be expensive? And anyway, most people just join a gym, pay subscriptions, and then sit at home and do nothing. A walk in the park is so much better. So, no gym.’

Well, all that I meant to say was that fitness is needed everywhere. From relationships to nature, from water issues to traffic woes, from corruption to bullying, from politicians in the Parliament to vendors on road-sides, from fashion concepts to fashionable promotions, from corporates to media houses… in fact, from headlines in the daily newspaper to debates on the television as well. For years now I have watched them all slowly fall into that mighty chasm called degradation. So yes, values do degrade and go defunct. These values need to remain fit… and thus the hashtag #HumFitTohIndiaFit seamlessly fits into this concept.

Real fitness happens away from parks, jogging tracks, and gyms...

Real fitness happens away from parks, jogging tracks, and gyms…

Now, once I had explained my concept to Specky, she said, ‘Stunning! I might never have linked this hashtag to anything other than jogging, walking, aerobics, yoga, healthy diet, and… well, gymming.’

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Obviously then, with the strategic content for this post in the clear, let me also add that I’m sure even the PMO and Mr Modi himself would surely be in agreement with my thought process. If I were to tabulate all the issues where fitness is mandatory and an immediate action needed, I guess the list itself would get too long and intimidating. So to keep things simpler, let us just say that we need to focus on:

  1. Making both school and higher education fitter to create employable youth will also end up making the employment statistics fitter. This obviously includes reform in syllabi and a watchful concern for distortion of facts that invariably have a tendency to glide in. Our teaching fraternity needs to be fit enough to understand and communicate all emerging issues and yes, there must really be no need for a student to waste vital resources on coaching and tuitions. By the way, have you noticed how stringent action against cheating invariably leads to a decline in ‘encouraging’ statistics? Or how making Aadhar card a necessity for admission to even primary schools topples the stats cart? I was shocked to read that alongside news of improving statistical figures from the education sector, HT reported an year back that ‘in 2015, the number of student suicides stood at 8,934. In the five years leading to 2015, 39,775 students killed themselves. The number of attempted suicides, many unreported, is likely to be much higher. India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29, according to a 2012 Lancet report, which illustrated the need for urgent interventions for this demographic.’ So even if the literacy ratio of the country is 65.38%, does it really mean that our education is fit enough to carry the load of an entire nation?

Fitness, therefore, is all about seeking the right balance both within and outside the written word in books.

  1. Initiating action to let air be fit enough to breathe makes us all fit and will finally lead to a nation that has a work culture left undisturbed by untimely bouts of illness. In 2016, 61 lakh or 11% people died globally because of air pollution. There are statistics to show that long-term exposure to an ambient PM 2.5 air pollution led to lakhs of people dying a few years back. Household pollution also resulted in deaths that go into lakhs. One of the applause-worthy actions has been the efforts to make people understand the harmful effects of household solid fuels and this has led to a decline in global mortality to the tune of 30%. There is more to be done and the environment can simply not be left to the unscrupulous to use irresponsibly and leave it destroyed for future generations. Obviously, India can be a fit nation only if we are not plagued by pollution.

Fitness, therefore, is all about seeking the right balance both inside and outside our homes and offices. Take boxing as example, it’s a good way to stay fit, and there also a list of good boxing gloves at https://myfitnesshub.com, boxing is a good balance that will make your body healthier. Check out UK steroids for sale online that will help you get fit.

  1. Having a fitter eco-system policy that understands conservation will make our wildlife smile and nature will give us return gifts that can only decrease human-environment conflicts and the resultant disasters. There have been news reports, for instance, of how the government bodies and the land-grabbing mafia in Haryana colluded to have land-use rules modified that finally was leading to the destruction of the Aravalis. With even protected forest land unsafe today, our animals, plants, and trees have simply nowhere to go. Does this make India fit? No. We need to ensure that only those people are elected who pledge to save the environment.

Fitness, therefore, is all about seeking the right balance in urban, rural, and even the wilderness.

  1. Introducing fitness to our lakes and water sources through fitter water policies can be possible only with a fitter involvement of the government, administration, corporates, NGOs, and the people. We all know the kind of disaster that Cape Town is facing today. Similar issues have begun raising their head in metro towns like Bengaluru. Water scarcity is as real as the need for water conservation. There are so many reports of the builder mafia in every city that has been slowly and surreptitiously filling water bodies to make way for land-creation and then land-grabbing. These are the issues that must be brought out for everyone to know and protest without fear. Such protests can only make the nation fitter, and not left gasping for more housing that anyway remains elusive to the really deserving and needy.

Fitness, therefore, is all about seeking the right balance between using, conserving, and protecting our water sources.

  1. Respect for women, children, and the elderly is at an all-time low and only intervention of a fitter implementation of regulations that already exist is what is needed. Sensitivity response towards this issue just might build a fitter life-cycle. There are options yet to be explored and they shall emerge only through debates and discussions on open platforms. NCRB data published in Indiatimes points out that ‘a total of 338,000 incidents of crime against women were recorded in 2016 against the total of 329,000 crimes against women in 2015.’ The article also specifies that there were 38,947 rapes reported in 2016, compared to 34,651 in 2015 and goes on to clarify that these ‘statistics have come out with a worrying truth which might jolt all the strategies being made to stop crime against women as it has been learnt that in 94.6 per cent cases, the accused was known to the victim and in many cases they were relatives as close as being the father, brother, and uncles.’ Will someone please tell me if this indicates a nation that is fit enough to claim to be mature enough to lead the world?

Fitness, therefore, is all about seeking the right balance in issues that demand a thorough understanding of love and respect.

  1. The public-politician equation can be fitter only once our leaders have a fitter behavioral pattern displayed in the parliament and the assemblies. A thriving nation can only be notional unless our leaders and decision-makers in the government accept the fact that terms like communal harmony, convergence and co-existence of beliefs, right to express without fear, and the right to disagree and dissent are not things to suppress but need to be promoted. Of course, how to remain a responsible citizen is also a part of the entire equation.

Fitness, therefore, is all about seeking the right balance between accepting and protesting whenever a decision, that affects the nation, is made.

  1. We have corruption literally surrounding us. A report published by ScoopWhoop in 2017 says that ‘38% of land and property deals in India involve bribes’, ‘62% of law enforcement officers take bribes’, ‘60% of road stops for truckers are for extorting money’, ‘60% of people who got their driving license from an agent haven’t taken the driving exam’, ‘31% of members of parliament have criminal cases against them’, ‘the monetary value of petty corruption in 11 basic services in government like education, healthcare and the judiciary amounts to about Rs. 3,19,72,50,00,000 annually’, and ‘just about 40% of grain intended for the poor reaches them’. What do all these figures say? They say that a nation is fitter when the people are fitter. Come on, you cannot always blame the government, the bureaucrats, and the leaders when it comes to corruption. Every time you take a pencil or a pen-drive from your office to be used at home, every time you flout a traffic rule, every time you travel ticket-less, and every time you offer a bribe to save your skin, you are being a willing partner to the actions that are depriving the nation from being fit.

Fitness, therefore, is all about seeking the right balance between honesty, integrity and the wish to get a task accomplished. Incorporating plant based protein powder into your routine can support your fitness goals while maintaining integrity with your dietary choices.

Well, I can go on and on, quote stats, quote people, quote instances and reports that shout all about the things that are making India unfit. So it is not enough to just go jogging, do yoga, or walk in the park, or even go to the gym and then turn to say: ‘#HumFitTohIndiaFit!’

Bullshit. India will be fit only when our relationship with grave issues, some of which are highlighted in this post, is cared for and improved. We are talking here of relationships that are way more important than the ones that represent cuddling couples under trees in parks.

Yes, this relationship can be nurtured and nourished only once everyone comes together and adds their bit. Fitness is all about seeking the right balance and I feel these words by Charlotte Eriksson sum up this notion rather aptly:

is not leaning on each other, adjusting to fit a different size.
is simply two hands reached out in the darkness,
saying; I’ll be your light,
if you’ll
be mine.




Fitness redefined... even newspaper headlines tell us this

Fitness redefined… even newspaper headlines tell us this

Fitness for a nation needs a different perspective

Fitness for a nation needs a different perspective

Fitness is a concept that isn't just happening in parks, jogging tracks, and gyms...

Fitness is a concept that isn’t just happening in parks, jogging tracks, and gyms…




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