When I look at a car, any car, the two hemispheres of my brain get whirring. One whispers everything that is sheer poetry and goads me on to discover the rhythm, the beat, the iambic meters in technology and aesthetics. The other hemisphere has its feet firmly on the ground and speaks in monosyllables about statistics, figures, and the accountability of seemingly wild and whirling words. When I look around the first fact that I discover is that most of us are like me and want a confirmation of everything exciting endorsed by the mathematics of dependability. In case of a car breakdown in the middle of the road, contact an emergency towing near me right away to help you.

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Now if I simply say that the new Hyundai Venue is like a poem on Indian roads, would you really accept it whole-heartedly? If only verses helped, I’d have finished writing this review by adding a couple more to these two stanzas that I had tweeted on the day this car was launched:

This SUV is fiction come to life
Gliding on new-age technology
Performance without strife
And joy without an apology!


If you love to travel, you will
Look for an SUV that stands out
A trendy car that isn’t shrill
And one the world talks about!

Quite obviously then, I need to let you know that Hyundai Motor India Ltd. is the country’s first Smart Mobility Solutions Company and the largest exporter since inception and S S Kim, MD & CEO is emphatic when he says that this new launch is poised to ‘become a personal sanctuary for their customers’ as the Hyundai Venue is India’s first fully Connected SUV.

The Hyundai Venue clearly represents clean mobility, freedom mobility, and connected mobility where the digital engagement is high. This SUV has the chromosomal advantage that gives it a confident and aggressive stance beside a distinctive and premium appeal. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Hyundai has sold 8.7 million cars worldwide with a growth of 1.7%. It is true that the future belongs to cars that are going to hold sustained conversations with clean technology. The Hyundai venue goes a couple of steps ahead and brings in blue link technology, AI, robotics, life sciences, and big data together to present us a mobility solution that wins both the heart and the mind.

India is high on the priority list of Hyundai and there are are 44 eco models planned to be launched by 2025 besides giving us the advantage to have global first models. To my mind this is more than being just a strategic marketing plan as it aims for a nation’s exclusive attention. This is not an easy task as the Indian consumer is a mature thinker with an uncanny sense of reaching out below the surface to know the truth behind every fresh palette of vibrant colours.

Hyundai Venue... the car that appeals to the right and left hemispheres of the brain
Hyundai Venue… the car that appeals to the right and left hemispheres of the brain

The Hyundai Venue has a solid road presence that goes way beyond unsupported confidence. The overall design is a like a deep inhalation of an exclusive fragrance and R16 diamond cut alloy wheels, led tail lamps with crystal effect, sporty roof rail, shark-fin antenna, silver skid plates, chrome finish outside door handles (best-in-segment), and projector fog lamps (best-in-segment) simply confirm this conjecture. The modern design and versatile compact package includes color themes – black single tone, khaki dual tone and denim dual tone, sporty front design, supervision cluster for multiple information, combination of leatherette and fabric upholstery, fatc with digital display, unique laser cut finish on the crash pad, ac vents silver surround, high gloss finish on center fascia, gear knob, ac and audio knobs, leatherette wrapped steering, and metal finish inside door handles.

As we all know, a solid road presence needs to walk hand-in-hand with a refreshing driving experience with safety considerations tagging along. The Hyundai Venue comes with in-house developed 7-Speed advanced Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology (Best-in-Segment) in addition to the proven 6 MT and 5 MT transmissions. The VENUE will be powered with debut of Kappa 1.0 Turbo GDi Petrol Engine along with well- proven 1.2 l Kappa Petrol and 1.4 l Diesel Engine. Safety remains uncompromised as the car comes with dual front airbags, abs with ebd, isofix, seatbelt reminder, rear parking sensors, and speed sensing auto door lock & crash sensing auto door unlock. Besides this, the Venue has 6 airbags in top variant, hill assist control, electronic stability control, vehicle stability management, auto headlamps with escort function, cornering lamps, rear camera with rear parking sensors, and power window with auto up/down.

Hyundai Venue - endorsed by the mathematics of dependability
Hyundai Venue – endorsed by the mathematics of dependability

The third vantage point in this SUV is the inclusion of seamless connectivity with Hyundai Blue Link that happens when a large AVNT screen on the dashboard interacts with the app on the smartphone. This app serves as an alarm clock, a personal assistant, a navigation system, and DJ besides being the core of every kind of communication need one needs while on and even off the road. Out of the 33 features, ten are India-specific and the app is the hub for connectivity with Safety, Security, Geographic Information Services, Vehicle Management Relationship Management, Artificial Intelligence, Alert Services and Location Based Services.

The blue link is all about a flawless and easily understood flow of critical information between a car and the driver and it has AI guiding it all times. The entire system has an in-built and tamper-proof device powered by Vodafone-Idea eSIM and a Cloud-based Voice Recognition platform from Global AI (Artificial Intelligence) Company – Sound Hound. The prime advantages that are extremely user-friendly, include AI-powered voice assistance, voice assist dialing, navigation control, and interactive voice recognition. The blue link technology comes in when vehicle tracking is needed if it is stolen, and also has alert features for speeding besides giving the user access or control through a smartphone. Thus remote engine start/stop & climate control, remote door lock/unlock, remote horn & light control, find my car location, share my car (app sharing), share the destination (from device), real-time vehicle tracking, schedule linked destination setting, push maps from app,  real-time point of interest search,  push maps by call centre, and real-time traffic information are all possible.

With so much technology around, it is time for consumers to ensure that choices be dominated by not just what makes the eyes flutter wildly… the mind needs to communicate its approval of the presence of every new-age tech feature. The Hyundai Venue has a third important advantage… its price band. But to know this you need to get up and reach any of the Hyundai dealers. Believe me, this is going to give you an unrestrained smile for a long time.




Reaching out for the magic of Hyundai Venue
Reaching out for the magic of Hyundai Venue




Arvind Passey
31 May 2019