Poems 2006

Shadows on Walls

Shadows on walls Are ghosts Only when words wish to put Fear in our hearts Or newer definitions of courage Or the benefits of togetherness Or antidotes to arrogance. Shadows on walls Happen in times of darkness Sometimes the mind knows there is light Just a door away And helplessness hides All methods of reaching...

On promoting Prac-CATs in PT Education

Kya seekha? Prashna yeh aisa hai Ki Prac-CAT apne jawab mein kehta hai: Such ki anubhooti karvata yeh test – This is an assuarance. Relax. Rest! * Where am I? What should I do? This is what the students ask. Your own learning, how its new – PracCAT tells you. Thats its task! [Arvind Passey]...

Happy Fourteenth Anniversary, PT!

Four things that will matter most are ‘dosti’ and being a ‘dost’, always being a smiling host, and being a toast, coast to coast! Four of these together work turning life to one young turk josh too will help you to perk- up life, keep it free of jerk! And when you add teen to...

Object of desire – 2

No holds barred. ‘Desire’ is starred! It is big, unquenchable… Not an untouchable! Want, wish and need: Best words indeed! Good things start with ‘I’ If you have an eye! And I will not lie: I need the sky! [Arvind Passey] [2006]

Object of desire – 1

The object and the objective together win hearts like the yin and yang are one, though two parts! The lust of a shape The love for a shade Are not a mere drape They are the grade! Thus words in thoughts Are the champs And in lots Walk the desire ramps! [Arvind Passey] [2006]