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Romantic Cuddle

Romantic Cuddle play a wild song fire another rhythm listen like a true kiss gaze between love and lust touch heady aromas gift desire all evening Poem by Arvind Passey 23 August 2010

Evolution of an abstraction

[“Desire is not what you see, but what you imagine” – Paulo Coelho] ‘I’ starts a conversation with an image in the mind sometimes getting prodded by the eye, for only images don’t age, intoxicate like gin in a virtual world of dreams and when a human heart accepts and is hopelessly helpless, ‘imagine’ becomes...

There are no secrets to success

We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents. Whatever be the route, to be successful is everyman’s dream. The mind is constantly seeking definitions of success and the elements responsible to get nearer to it. When a...

Object of desire – 2

No holds barred. ‘Desire’ is starred! It is big, unquenchable… Not an untouchable! Want, wish and need: Best words indeed! Good things start with ‘I’ If you have an eye! And I will not lie: I need the sky! [Arvind Passey] [2006]

Object of desire – 1

The object and the objective together win hearts like the yin and yang are one, though two parts! The lust of a shape The love for a shade Are not a mere drape They are the grade! Thus words in thoughts Are the champs And in lots Walk the desire ramps! [Arvind Passey] [2006]

50 words on DESIRE!

(One) Desire is ‘The Sire’, the father of existence. Thoughts conceive them and action promotes them. They are orgasmic gonadal delights! From automobiles to a zephyr, desire is the zen connecting the heart with the mind. They come into being to impress and to express. I desire to remain a winner! (Two) Object of desire....