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Mail from TGDC

Screen shot of the mail from TGDC. The mail that woke us up to the fact that we were less than two days away from the next short-list:

Top 100 – TGDC 2009

Top 100 – TGDC 2009 This is the jpeg of the page that gave us the thrill of a life-time… we had to click on each of the alphabets to reveal the pics of the winning couples one by one and this actually added to the suspense. TGDC guys really know how to bring in...

The Great Driving Challenge

Our Introduction Maths and poetry holding hands is what can produce the architecture of life! True… at least for Specky (ie, Sangita) and me (ie, Arvind) as our son Pushkin is, in fact, studying for his Masters in Architecture from AA, London. Specky is working as HOD with DTTE, Govt. of Delhi and was a...